#200. Don’t use ‘password’ as your password.

5 Comments 10 August 2012

… or your favourite football team, or favourite player, or the year you were born, or your kid’s name, or a combination of all these.  Yes, you need passwords you can remember, but c’mon people, think a bit further than the top of your head. Get creative with your passwords, choose something no one would ever think of, something like KOALATITS should do it. Yeah, KOALATITS. No one — except maybe the author of this blog— would ever think your password is KOALATITS.

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  1. cynthia.cebrero says:

    lmfao true that

  2. scottie_heston says:

    Hilarious! I personally like using 12345 as my password. Not really, I actually don’t want people accessing my stuff!

  3. claflin-lautner says:

    This blog is genius :) witty sense of humour packed with truth. How about you check out mine? youngcarelessandhopeful.blog.com if you’re a teen.. you’ll get it ;)

  4. canislatransall says:

    I am new registered blog, the password is also very simple

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