#201. DON’T grow up.

28 Comments 16 August 2012

I still dip my finger in the peanut butter jar, still lick the wooden spoon clean of cake mix and still pretend I’m Peter Daicos whenever I’m kicking the football. I still get excited at Christmas time, still do bombs into pools, and if society would let me, I’d still peg footy cards in my spokes and make my bike sound like a motorbike. Yep, it’s nice to know that when we grow older, we don’t always have to grow up. Whatever you do that keeps you young, keep on doing it.

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  1. Melanie Double says:

    That was adorable, I agree with every word of it.

  2. Vivian says:

    What a fantasitic blog! Although I think grow up it’s sort of a natural rule that no one can avoid, playfulness, which we always consider is mostly belong to kids, actually it’s very important to grown-ups as well. Look at the kids around us sometimes, and I’m sure we’ll get what Glenn trying to tell:) Love the blog

  3. colersawyer says:

    Youth for the Win

  4. nicola_coppin says:

    Hahah very true. Its just so not worth growing up…

  5. littlefreakshowyouknow says:


  6. a girl daily says:

    this is inspiring :)

  7. This is so true. Grownup is soooo boring.

  8. rmp0430 says:

    You’re only as old as you feel. Letting that inner child out keeps your skin smooth, and your eyes sparkling, it keeps the laughter in your heart even when the burdens of being grown up have it sinking to the ground. Never put that child in the corner. I find at the times when I shun her aside, are the time I need her the most.

  9. BT says:

    I love this blog! Very light and refreshing; I’ll be adding a link to my own blog. I completely agree that you should never grow up! I still jump in puddles on a rainy day.

  10. isobel_wimbleton says:

    growing up is optional, but growing old is inevitable

  11. this is how worth living. i don’t grow up.

  12. Gypsy Soul says:

    great idea!

  13. Hazel says:

    The first thing that came to my mind when I read the title is Peter Pan.
    is anyone is with this rule it’s me,
    love it

  14. Aww :”> That’s soooooo cute :)

  15. katihoff says:

    That’s great! I think you’re absolutly right! I never been on this side before and when I saw this headline- Don’t grow up- I couldn’t go on without reading it :) Great work!

  16. Mars says:

    We can grow up. But should never let our hearts grow old. Live, love, enjoy and have fun… that should be life. That is how we should grow up! the fun should never stop! and I Love this blog. :) haha

  17. silvester says:

    i like this :Whatever you do that keeps you young, keep on doing it.

  18. cpandey312 says:

    Hey! I can do that! :P

  19. Carly says:

    So much truth!

  20. pawanrocks.45 says:

    great thought…

  21. Sophia Beer says:

    agreed. live like you’re young, and you’ll never age.

  22. cheez3131 says:

    I will never grow up. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing? I am in my mid forties but feel like a kid at heart. I see it as a blessing but I think I irritate those around me sometimes. Great topic. This could go on for a long time. Best wishes!

  23. g_t63 says:

    Im all about enjoying life, Im a big kid my self. but with so much on my plate with a family to take care of kids house and a wife, and a demanding job, its very hard to stay a kid.. sounds depressing. but im a big kid in heart

  24. Sergey Mokrousov says:

    Guess my kid will be disappointed a little, watching his 30 years old dad riding bicycle with a post card in a wheel.) Anyway, do what you wanna do, otherwise you wouldn’t be happy. )

  25. Tanvi says:

    I like how you think!!

  26. mariagutierrez1023 says:


  27. jewelndilly says:

    Love your blog <3

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