#204. DON’T keep the clear protective film your phone comes with on your phone.

3 Comments 14 September 2012

I can understand people wanting to keep their new things new, but leaving the plastic film that protects your phone’s screen in the box, on you phone after you’ve taken it out of the box is going a bit too far.

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  1. cankylicious99 says:

    I admit that i do that… Haha :)

    • feleciad87 says:

      LOL! I say keep it on. Why not? It saves mullah…but only if the screen doesn’t have words on it. In that case, it’s gotta go!

  2. Ratryoshka says:

    Why is it too far though? I don’t see that as being too far cuz I do it all the time whenever I get a new phone or mp3 player or something. I just finally take them off if they start to shrivel or peel off.

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