#207. DON’T put burnt matches back in the matchbox.

4 Comments 23 October 2012

After you’ve lit a matchstick, all you are left with is the stick bit. Sure, it’s possible to rub two sticks together to start a fire, but not two sticks the size of toothpicks!  So with no fire-lighting ability left in the match, why then would anybody put it back in the matchbox amongst the red-tipped ones that can actually light your BBQ? It’s like putting dirty plates back in the cupboard next to clean ones, or an empty bottle of beer back in the esky. It just doesn’t make any sense at all, or any fire.

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  1. Girltowoman says:

    Yes! It’s just a lie to “Oh I’ll throw it away later” and then you just end up with a matchbox full of useless sticks but you keep trying to find a good one between them!

  2. tobeme says:

    Does anyone even do that? I, on the other hand, ends up with little bits of matches all around the house… And I do use quite a lot of matches!

  3. siabir says:

    If this is a metaphorical passage than it’s good otherwise it’s just lame :p

  4. ilhtpakistan.com says:

    its true:

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