#208. DON’T air-kiss.

8 Comments 12 November 2012

You never see two guys greeting each other with an air-shake or an air-hi-five, so what’s with the air-smooch? If you’re going to kiss someone, kiss them: on the cheek, on the lips, or even go all Prince Charles and kiss them on the hand if you want, but please don’t kiss the empty air to the left and right of their face! And please don’t blurt out a massive MWAH!!! when you do! I know air-kissing is all very European, but then, hey, so is death by guillotine and they don’t do that anymore.

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  1. Ryley says:

    Hey… is it okay if i borrow (copy) ur idea of the blog ? : P
    not as new blog. as some posts in my blog.

  2. Glenn Dalton says:

    Hey Ryley,

    Feel free to take inspiration from this blog and others to create one all your own. We all borrow bits and pieces from here and there and as long as you give it your own flavour, go for it. Good luck.


  3. HeySir MeMiss says:

    I like your blog and the idea of it, but sorry Air-kissing is NOT very European …

  4. lowboilingpoint says:

    I can see why your blog is presented as one of the best blogs of 2011. I do share your sentiment on air-kissing when it comes to Americans saying “how are you?” as a greeting line like “hi” or “hello” when they didn’t even wait around to hear you out–or simply told themselves they heard you said “fine” when you actually said you were depress and about to commit suicide. Obviously, I’m a foreigner. And I don’t mean to offend the people of the USA. It’s just that my experience was only limited to American schoolmates, so I have no way of knowing if this is practised elsewhere. I do love my friends, of course. It bothers me to the same degree of air-kissing. If you don’t care how I’m doing, don’t ask. A simple ‘hello’ will be sufficient.

  5. Jenny says:


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