#209. DON’T worry.

35 Comments 21 November 2012

The sun will come up tomorrow. The pimple on your forehead will fade away by the weekend. Your business card will sound more impressive in a couple of years. The person you met at the bar will call you, or at least text you anyway. Your bum doesn’t look big in that dress. People will come to your party. No employer will ever ask to see your high school reports. You will find that thing you’ve lost. There is another train coming in 8 minutes. You can’t be great at everything. That deadline can be extended. Chocolate won’t kill you. He wasn’t right for you anyway. Your fringe will grow out again. Your friends think you’re funny. Family will always be there. Everything’s gonna be alright.

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  1. Maja M says:

    Made me smile at least a couple of times – even my business card smiled ;) Thanks for the cheer up!

  2. sara says:

    very true :)

  3. Hazel says:

    This is inspirational, it really made me smile!

  4. Overlord says:

    Thanks for the reminder :-)

    …But my good friend is deathly allergic to chocolate.

  5. Yesenia says:

    Great inspirational post!

  6. kertasburamkehidupan says:

    yeaa chocolate won’t kill me :D
    thank you, nice post.. I enjoyed in here :)

  7. ziggybob1 says:

    Thanks I’v been wondering if this dress made my bum look big

  8. Tarah says:

    Really positive post! :) good work !

  9. Romanticfool says:

    you made my day actually,thanks for that :)

  10. Sam says:

    I really needed that. :D Made me think at least for 10 seconds that even though i dont have a new year party to attend to,may be the day won’t suck at all. :D

  11. Heather'sWay says:

    Aww :D Awesome stuff

  12. Lizziegalstar says:

    Really cool stuff you have got on your blogg, wondering if it could be shared??

  13. Michelle says:

    I love your blog! Its got some really funny posts and then these great empowering ones, the idea of ‘the don’t list’ is really clever.

  14. c'est la vie says:

    Good one! Made me smile a couple times as well!

  15. Harutek says:

    Love this

  16. silvester says:

    you are so great ,i love your blog so much

  17. rbabaee72 says:

    I don’t agree with ” The pimple on your forehead will fade away by the weekend. ” it will appear on the weekend!!!!

  18. Nikole Banta says:

    thanks for this uplift :)

  19. Beautiful Peace says:

    Always nice to have that reminder<3

  20. Victoria Donnelly says:

    loved this mate :)

  21. dlo540 says:

    I like the purpose behind this post, however, it’s hard not to worry in life. For example, the pimple on your forehead will fade whenever you don’t have a big/important day. I posted my first post on my first blog, as well. It’s about my current worry in life. If anyone cares to read it and even have advice to share, I’d appreciate it.

  22. stephanimillerthegreat says:

    I really love these things…just keep doin’ wat u doin’

  23. bolukumuyi says:

    This is inspirationally witty! A brilliant concept,this blog is!

  24. Jack Jack says:

    I love your post it made me cheer up! Thanks!

  25. celiaonatividad says:

    Eat 70-80% dark chocolates with almonds instead! :-)

  26. That Girl. says:

    Uh oh… Fresh blogger as of today – this post is so true yet so opposite to my mentality! Guess that makes me mental!

  27. g_t63 says:

    Im all about not worrying. I have a dont care attitude. YOLO

  28. Saagarika says:

    I just love this but know what? …WHenever i dont worry something awful happens really….NOBODY IS COMMENTING ON MY BOLG :(

  29. Saagarika says:


  30. timefitpresident says:

    One of the biggest things Americans worry about is how they look, even at the gym. Let’s fix that: http://igg.me/at/getamericafit

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