#211. Don’t sell Easter Eggs a week after Christmas.

7 Comments 08 January 2013

Easter is almost three months away — 82 days away to be precise! Which means, in 81 days time, I’ll venture down to the shops and buy some chocolate eggs and bunnies, ready to hide around the yard on Easter Sunday morning for my 4-year-old kid to find. I will not buy them now, just a few days after Christmas! I just don’t need them sitting in my cupboard that long. If I want chocolate now, I’ll buy a block of it, not a bunny of it. I don’t know anyone who needs to buy Easter Eggs now actually, so why the hell are our supermarkets selling them already? Dickheads.

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  1. hailz says:

    This annoys me so much too!!!
    As well as the freaking Hot Cross Buns.
    I saw them in the supermarket this week, and it made me so mad!
    What am I going to do with fricking hot cross buns this far away from Christmas?

  2. Duggie says:

    I know >.<
    By the time Easter rolls around, the chocolate will probably be out of date.
    I think even in one shop I saw them sell chocolate bunnies before December. WHY?
    So, sorry to bother you, and you have probably heard this a million times before (and that phrase a million times before), but I LOVE your blog. It also inspired me to blog (despite being a bit of a fail), and, well, I just really like it! If you don't mind me asking a small question how did you get your blog so popular? If my blog was even remotely like yours, I would be so happy :D
    Well, Mr Dalton (that sounded extremely snobby and school master-ish), I hope you continue posting! Love the blog!

  3. bmbourg11 says:

    This was the funniest thing I have ever read. I don’t understand it either.
    I can understand selling peeps, but chocolate eggs? Big no no.
    Nice blog!

  4. Maddie says:

    haha! great post. I hate how the dollar stores start the next holiday right after the last one is over (sometimes even before!). Like the blog – I’m going to keep reading

  5. bzpantich says:

    Haha, cool :)

  6. Michaela Mischke says:

    I know! Its the same with advent calendars, they start selling them in august! They do it for all holidays and its stupid, I always find that the chocolate tastes really old by the time it gets to the actual holiday. Loving the list :)

  7. ilhtdubai1 says:

    really nice n cool.

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