#213. DON’T ‘CC’ me in on everything.

3 Comments 09 May 2013

I reckon that at least half the emails in inboxes all around the world are unnecessary ‘Carbon Copy’ emails, or as I like to call them, ‘Complete Crap’ emails. The CC email isn’t written to you, it’s just sent to you by someone who feels the need to tell you what they want to tell someone else—even if it’s just a ‘Thanks’ or a ‘Cheers’, or a ‘Ta’!

Now I know that jobs extend to large groups of people, and it’s necessary to keep everyone in the loop, but isn’t that that what meetings are for? Give me the top line and let me get on with getting my job done. I’d do it a lot quicker if I didn’t have to read through ‘Complete Crap emails every day.

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  1. genie.green88 says:

    Almost all of my emails are cc’s. :P

  2. NIK says:

    True each & every word of that….They really should be called “Complete Crap”…that is what defines them better…nice post !!

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