#215. Don’t leave home without a last look in the mirror.

13 Comments 18 June 2013

Chances are, there will be something wrong with you—something that needs some attention, before it attracts some attention. There will be a pimple that needs popping, a hair that needs plucking, or as in my case this morning, some brekky that needs removing from some teeth that seem to have a magnetic pull to all of the 9 grains that make up my toast. So before you step out of the house, step into the bathroom for one last little look. It just might save you a little embarrassment later.

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  1. ElephantCHIC says:

    haha love this post + love the blog!

  2. cpandey312 says:

    LOL! true…………..

  3. hannah_r_beaumont says:

    But if you are in a rush then sometimes it’s better not to know what state you are in haha xo

  4. diaryofmoron says:

    Hahaha love it.

  5. Zoiey says:

    Like a stain on my husbands shirt…. UGH…. this was read one day late… :-(

  6. team.comiccorp says:

    Love yours Posts ! Keep it up :)

  7. Rebecca says:

    I never leave my house without looking in the mirror. Great blog!

  8. Bridget Jones says:

    I wonder if some people just don’t own mirrors.

  9. nikkiallenxoxo says:

    Very witty, I’m hooked on your blog. Check out mine sometime :)

  10. ilhtdubai1 says:

    haha amazing post.

  11. g_t63 says:

    I need to start doing this, I dont really socialize with random people Ive been itching to. and that time will come. so double check is a must

  12. TTB says:

    first I wanna say:” Your blog is awesome!” How do you think of this??? How much viewers do u get??
    It’s a great job that u doing.
    Greets, TTB

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