#216. Don’t Donkey Vote.

2 Comments 29 August 2013

So you think Abbott’s a dickhead, Rudd’s a wanker, Catter is senile, Palmer is delusional and Christine Milne looks like your aunty? Well, even if you hate all the candidates in this year’s Australian election, just vote for the one you hate the least.  Or, if you’re so disappointed with the quality of candidates, maybe practice your bullshitting and hone your baby-kissing skills and think about throwing your hat in the political ring in four years time. We could do a lot worse—actually we already are.

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  1. samiboyd99 says:

    Hello there human friend! Well, if you’re an alien or something cool like that, then hi alien-or-something-cool-like-that friend! Your blog is fantastic, and I’d love it if you could check out mine! I literally just started it, but maybe in a few weeks if you happen to get around to it? You know, when it has some actual decent content to it :) thanks!
    -Sami :3

  2. Jenski says:

    thats the very true.

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