#217. Don’t be cruel at school.

12 Comments 17 September 2013

Don’t tease the redheaded kid with glasses. Don’t ridicule your overweight Geography teacher. Don’t poke fun at the girl with pimples. Don’t call the handicapped kid names. Don’t snigger at the boy who talks funny or laugh at the girl who wet her pants in class. Don’t pick on the kid who can’t kick, or the boy whose last name you can’t pronounce. And don’t be a bully.

Kindness, Compassion and Empathy aren’t subjects they teach at school, but I hope my kids and yours learn them anyway.

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  1. Zoiey says:

    Kids now a days not only have that to learn but MUCH MUCH more! You touched base on only a 3rd of the american child’s problems today. Makes most parents shake their heads….

  2. amirhosein says:

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  3. sabrinaault says:

    I agree. STOP BULLIES NOW!

  4. nikkiallenxoxo says:

    So true… Makes you wonder about our society these days..

  5. ilhtpakistan.com says:

    i agree with your views.

  6. sydicate girl says:

    I agree! Very good points made

  7. LsCkm says:

    You know it’s so simple, if people just “DON’T” the world could be a better place.
    I think it’s unfair to pin it all on the kids though. A few adults could do with this
    reminder too! And lets face it…the children are learning it from somewhere.

  8. Liz says:

    A truer word was never said.

  9. KarriEatsZombies says:

    no matter how hard we try to stop bullying like schools getting uniforms. people will still make fun of others kids


  10. KayBaby says:

    This needs to be spread around, it’s entirely and overwhelmingly true.
    School teaches a child how to multiply or write, but they lack the important knowledge of how to be a good person, and I hope that parents teach their kids how. We need more good people in the world, and parents are good teachers for the next generation. We should remember that our own kids will be the future generations teachers.

  11. ravila.akhmedova says:

    Hi, I really liked your post about bullying. I think it got to the point where no matter how many posters and stories we tell, people will still be cruel to others. It has been the biggest struggle for teenagers, especially in high school. Maybe if we could show the bullies how they would feel if their sibling or a close friend were being bullied, they would understand. They would understand how their words are hurting others. If this problem does not stop, more people will continue committing suicide and thinking it is okay for them to hurt themselves because of other’s opinion of them.

  12. Car says:

    People who don’t follow this rule is why high school sucks….

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