#218. Don’t take a photo with your iPad.

6 Comments 07 November 2013

Technology is supposed to make things easier and the people who use it look cooler; more cutting edge. Taking a photo with you iPad fails on both counts. Your iPad—as awesome as it is—isn’t exactly compact, so when you stop in a busy city street and frame up your shot, you don’t just block half the sidewalk, you look like a goose doing it. Best to keep taking a snap, snappy and pull out your smartphone instead, or maybe that other device that can take photos too; what’s it called again? That’s right, a camera.

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  1. g_t63 says:

    funny I’ve actually started noticing this, and it looks very odd. but its technology and technology is awesome.

  2. ginamariev5 says:

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  3. Saagarika says:

    u r right….when i see in the mirror i see a cute girl……and when i take a pic of myself>>
    then just HELL NOO!

  4. paigee_norriss505 says:

    That’s Funny!!

  5. Bradley says:

    Lol! This is funny!

  6. Alisha says:

    And it blocks half of the sun

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